Thursday, January 31, 2008

Asalaam maalekum!
Here's a quick update on things that have been happening around here before the weekend gets started:

I have a slight change in my class schedule. I have dropped History of the Atlantic Slave Trade and am now taking "l'Histoire de l'Islam" (The History of Islam). It is at the same time as the other class was.

I also bartered with the taximan in WOLOF for the first time yesterday! I got a really good price too (600 CFA) to go from my home to school. (It's usually between 800-1000 CFA).
*CFA is the currency here - $1 is between 450-500 CFA. (So my taxi cost a little over a doller in US terms).

Yesterday I also ate the most amazing hamburger I've ever had in my entire life. Not only was the normal hamburger patty there, but they also put an egg (omlette) and french fries on it. Amazing, I know. :-)

Tomorrow they're having an icecream social (mmm ice cream)for the students who are attending Suffolk University (as well as for us CIEE students). So that should be a nice fun way to meet some people.

Also, I think I'm either a) getting sick or b) becoming senegalese because I woke up this morning and I was freezing. I know I have no business complaning about it being cold considering that it was about 76 degrees F when I woke up and it's snowing back in the states... but nevertheless I was COLD.
I wore a sweater on my way to school.
Yes, it's true. I wear sweaters and skirts at the same time and I'm in AFRICA.

Oh, and I think a group of us students are going to get together to watch the superbowl - so that should be exciting.

That's it for now. Please feel free to send me an e-mail or leave me a comment and let me know what's going on back in the states. I like hearing from you all.

Ba beneen yoon!



thatguyzach said...

wa alaikum assalam!

glad to hear your doing well in Senegal! The class on the history of Islaam sounds like it could be really cool.

Be safe and have fun!

-Zach R.

Sue at Suffolk said...

Thank you for blogging about your experience in Senegal. I work at Suffolk University in Boston and it's great fun to hear about Dakar since we have a campus there, too.

It's been very cold this week, some dreary, icy rain expected later today, though it may reach 50degrees by tomorrow. And, of course, everyone in 'beantown' very excited about the Pats this weekend.

Have fun and keep writing!
--sue d.

Dannielle said...

Sorry to hear about your cold... or being cold... I can sympathize. I thin it has been hovering around or just under the freezing point around here. (b-town schools minus IU had a two hour delay today because of snow/ freezing rain.)
Things here have been busy (2 programs and 2 exams in the last five days.) but I am going well.

Love ya and I have been praying for you,

Katie said...

I have no sympathy for your coldness. It was very cold last week and we have about 6-8 in of snow on the ground right now. So pshaw to your it's 76 and cold (although i do hope you aren't gettin sick).

I fogot to say on the last one that the pics of the island were B E A utiful.


Amy Marie said...


We miss you at Bible study. Your hair looks so cool! Aaron Burkhart has had cornrows before. You guys should share pictures :-) I'm totally jealous of your hamburger experience.

I'm glad you have this so I can keep up with your adventures. Hope you're having fun!!

Love, Amy

Kim said...

Bonjour Kelly,

Wow, your family is big, and the girls are beautiful! Your house looks really nice, I thought it might be a little more rustic! I hope you didn't get sick - being cold when the temp was 76 - sounds iffy. Well, it's raining like crazy here and quite warm. Saw your mom yesterday, she's doing great.

Have a good week and keep blogging!
Prayers & Blessings, Kim

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