Saturday, February 23, 2008

Asalaam maalekum!

I've been downtown three days in a row... that's crazy.
I'm getting pretty comfortable taking car rapids now, which is good because it's much cheaper than the taxi and it's part of experiencing Senegalese culture.

On that note - I'm becoming very thrifty. I'm finding myself turning down shoes that the vendor claims cost 3000 CFA (approx. $6 US Dollars) because I KNOW that they should only be 2000 CFA ($4).

And on that note, let me just say that walking through the market is ALWAYS an experience (especially if you're a toubab). You always have at least 5 people following you with their merchandise exclaiming "My sister, come and look, I give you good price. Just look. I have good price. Sister, sister...!"

I'll be honest, at times it gets frustrating, but then I remember that it's just part of the culture and I learn to just enjoy the experience while it's happening.

Sama xarit (my friend) Abby and I went surfing yesterday.
By that I mean we rented boards and wetsuits and attempted to stand up on them while getting mauled by the waves.
It was still a lot of fun though - I think we're going to go back sometime and get a lesson (instead of just trying it on our own).

Spring Break is coming up. It's REALLY early (March 3-7). I'm still trying to finalize plans as to what I'm going to be doing during break.

I'll keep you updated on what I end up doing during break.

Jaam ak jaam,

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Dannielle said...

I am so glad you are adapting. Maybe you can bring back some of those shoes... wink, wink. I hope you day is going well and you are enjoying your weather. We it started snowing today, again... Oh well, I still kinda like snow. BTW I just submitted my Honor's College grant application. I guess they will let me know at some point if they are going to give me money.
Love ya,